Affiliate Marketing Agency

EMCI are affiliate marketing specialists, with over 10 years experience running affiliate programs, and 20 years of planning and buying digital media. During this time, EMCI have supported numerous eCommerce brands in their digital marketing activities, and because of these efforts, we are proud to have seen them thrive and grow. 

EMCI provide an end to end service from program planning and launch, through network growth and affiliate recruitment. In addition we manage budget planning and buying of digital media, traffic analytics, program optimisation and account management. 


Affiliate Marketing

Performance based, sales are generated across a network of sites, and commission is paid per sale whilst EMCI closely monitor the program to optimise its performance and ensure its growth.  We offer the best Agency rates for all the affiliate networks, so whatever your ecommerce business we will evaluate and suggest a suitable network to generate up to 20% of online sales within the first 12 months.


Plan & Buy Digital Media

Whether it be a branding or a performance led campaign we will plan a targeted or broad reach campaign to suit your brief, cherry picking suitable media to buy and allocate.  We have 20 years’ experience in this field planning for some of the world’s largest brands such as Dell Computers, Master Foods, O2, and HSBC.


Design & Content

Alongside our expertise in digital marketing, EMCI can produce websites and digital assets for your campaigns. We can also design and send your email newsletters and create compelling content that aligns with your strategy to generate additional online revenue.


Digital PR

Digital Branding and Direct Response through Influencers, Social, Blogs and Viral Video. EMCI feed your digital PR, Brand presence and Incentives, engaging with your customers via the usual social channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, You Tube,  and Blogs.

These services are all geared at ensuring your campaign is not only a short-term success but that it grows year on year and provides significant ROI in the long term.


Emily Wright
Managing Director
Telephone : 0203 285 7926

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